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Unprecedented Service

The level of service I get from KGEZ is unprecedented. As a business owner, nothing bothers me more than reps who only show up when a contract is due. Ryan never shies away from asking questions about my business and meets with me regardless of how much money is involved.

Johnson Gloschat Funeral Home

Fantastic Job

I like KGEZ because of John Hendricks and his local down-to-earth reporting, and what his informational program provides for our community. He does a fantastic job marketing my company.

Bullitt Communications

400% Growth

Ryan puts so much production value into our commercials that we decided to use his voice across all of our traditional marketing. Since starting this model we’ve seen a 400% growth in our ROI.

Tanko Law

Direct Impact

KGEZ does SO much for the community and my business. John and Robin communicate the exact image I want for my company. People mention the radio all the time in my store. I can tell advertising has had a direct impact on my sales.

Kettle Care Organics