Employment Opportunities

Account Executive

KGEZ needs an experienced Account Executive with strong local ties to our local businesses. In less than 4-years, we’ve built one of the strongest Morning Shows in the market. The station has strong ratings–and we’ve invested heavily in not only participating in the rating service with the other major broadcasters in the market, but we’ve invested heavily in marketing the station
to maximize our ratings opportunities. KGEZ sells aggressively with our ratings as a method of justifying our rates and our ability to get results for our clients.

Our staff is comprised of a cadre of the best radio and media minds in the market who interface with each other on several levels. It’s extremely important that anyone joining our staff understand our need to communicate in a friendly, positive manner. We may disagree at times, but we’re always a team and we consider team building a continuous exercise.

KGEZ is unique among radio stations in general, and certainly in the Kalispell/Flathead Valley market. Our approach to programming, marketing and sales must also be unique. Over the past 4-years, we’ve developed that to a very high level. The successful candidate will demonstrate his/her ability to integrate his/her skills and knowledge base with our methods of doing business.

Finally, the successful candidate will receive a client list consisting of current, cash-paying accounts and prospective accounts. And will answer directly to our General Sales Manager.

To apply, please have a resume ready and contact John Hauss at 752-2600 or

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