Station Profile

KGEZ is Northwest Montana’s Original Radio StationKGEZ has a long history of service to the people of the Flathead Valley in Northwest Montana.  First licensed in 1927, KGEZ is Northwest Montana’s Original Radio Station.  Over the decades, the station has been owned and operated by local community leaders.  That tradition continues today.

The station’s programming can be best described as Full-Service.  The emphasis is on Local News, with updates three times each hour on the “twenties”.

KGEZ’s music presentation is a dynamic blend of hits from the 50’s and 60’s with titles that include Pop Standards of the time period mixed together with early Top 40 hits of the era.  This music has a home on KGEZ – most of it was heard first in Northwest Montana, in monaural, on KGEZ.  Throughout the day,  KGEZ presents it’s exclusive 4-By-The Fab-4 – Four Beatles Songs Non-Stop!

The broadcast day begins with the KGEZ Good  Morning Show with Hendricks & Co,, hosted by veteran radio personality John Hendricks, a native of the Flathead Valley.  John is an award-winning Air Personality who has worked in the Seattle, Denver and New York City Markets.  The show consists of News and interviews with the Flathead Valley’s News-makers in an upbeat and fun fashion.   Predictable unpredictability is the best way to describe the show’s content.

KGEZ’s exclusive 20-20 News emphasizes local people, local places and local events.  National News is covered in-house with an affiliation with the Associate Press which gives the station’s personalities access to reporters filing stories from anywhere in the World.

The Afternoon Show is hosted by Robin Mitchell, a veteran major market air personality now living in the Flathead Valley.  Robin has worked in the Seattle, Denver, Boston, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon markets.  His show is upbeat, but and, predictably unpredictable.

600 KGEZ Targets Adults 45+

In Flathead County, the median age (half younger/half older) is 39

39.4% of Flathead Valley Residents are 45+

  • 20.4% – 45-64
  • 13% – 65+

600 KGEZ Serves This Group Exclusively!

  • Adults Age 45+ is the largest demographic group
  • Adults Age 45+ are the largest portion of today’s workforce
  • 93% of the growth in the U.S. labor force through 2016 will be among workers ages 55+
  • 63% of Adults 50-61 are putting off retirement because of the Economy*
  • This group controls the largest share of U.S. per-capita income

KGEZ Radio Signal Daytime Footprint