Executive Producer:  KGEZ Good Morning Show

Diane Queen MillerDiane Queen Miller is literally the glue that holds the elements of the KGEZ Good Morning Show together.  She schedules and our guests for the show…and then greets them as they arrive.  We have as many as 6-guests arriving for the show each weekday morning.  Between all that, she makes sure KGEZ 20-20 News is always up-to-date by monitoring our news resources throughout the morning.

Diane began her career in broadcasting in the mid-1960s at a station called VOUS, emanating from the Argentia Naval Base on the southern peninsula of Newfoundland.  At the time, 7,000 troops served the base’s mission.

Diane arrived in the Flathead Valley in 1971 as a bride on her honeymoon and has never left!  She’s worked at many of the radio stations in NW Montana and, believe it or not, this is her second time around at 600 KGEZ.  She says, “This is my dream job.”

When she’s not chasing news stories and looking for interesting people to bring to the KGEZ Good Morning Show, she’s an avid photographer whose works have been displayed around the Valley.  She’s a volunteer for the Hockaday Museum of Art and the Conrad Mansion.

In the kitchen, Diane creates gluten-free foods, including pastries, baked goods and desserts, which are frequently taste-tested by the KGEZ Good Morning Show crew.  She proves that gluten-free foods can be tasty and healthy.

One of her goals is to one day voice children’s stories and books.

Diane is quick to tell you she doesn’t have a “bucket list”.  Instead, she has a “done basket”.

Diane Queen Miller