Robin Mitchell

“Before I got my first job in radio, I was a radio listener.”

So, when Robin Mitchell got into radio, it was natural to incorporate the things he liked about the medium into his presentation.

Robin sez:

In my very first full-time on-air job, I wore many different hats. I was the 7pm-Midnight DJ, but within the hour I originated 5 minutes of News, 1 minute headlines, a couple of weather forecasts, and 1 minute of Sports. This meant you had to be ready to “change gears” all the time.

One of the things that attracted me to radio was the element of “companionship.” I try to talk to each listener individually. There may be thousands listening, but you each listen individually. I’M TALKING TO YOU.

You listen to me as if you are on an old fashioned telephone…a party line. You’re eavesdropping on what is going on in my life: the NEWS/Information that you need to know, as well as what I find quirky, unusual, and whimsical.

I have a sense of what is important to you, yet sometimes I present it in an absurd manner.

I’ve gotten away with this behavior first of all in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, an area not unlike the Flathead. There, too, I was talking to an audience spread over a wide area. And you have been graciously reacting in the same enthusiastic manner as they did. For that I thank you!!!

I’ve been on-air, programmed and consulted radio stations in Seattle, Portland, Boston, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Denver, Milwaukee, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles, but my credo is: There is no big-time.

I do it all for you!!!

MUSIC, NEWS, INFORMATION, ENTERTAINMENT. That means I’m never more than about 90 seconds away from getting the next thing ready to go on-air. I’m stressed out man!!! But it’s always great to meet you in-person when I’m out and about!!!

Robin Mitchell is the guy calling the shots during the afternoon show on KGEZ and his experience in the music business spans many decades. You won’t find anyone with more knowledge about the songs, the people and the behind the scenes antics of the radio business than Robin.

His first on-air show was in 1964 at KKEY in Vancouver and during his career he was behind the mic at numerous stations from Portland and Eugene, Ore. to Denver, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Ventura. One of the things he is best known for is taking a a song four to five years old” and making it a number one hit. You might remember that song as The Moody Blues’ “Nights in White Satin.”