Commercials are an integral part of our programming. Messages that our listeners hear and understand will be most effective.

It is our desire that our clients receive the greatest value for their advertising investment. With that goal in mind, KGEZ has developed a set of policies that exceed any known industry-standard. All commercial content that appears on KGEZ is subject to these standards.

Section A: Commercial Placement

  • Only two recorded commercials per commercial break
  • Absolutely no competing products within a commercial break
  • Ten-minute separation between competing products
  • One commercial message per hour per sponsor*

Section B: Commercial Content

  • Loud or obnoxious commercials will be rejected
  • Commercials that make unsubstantiated claims will be rejected
  • Commercials with poor sound quality will be rejected
  • Sound effects, such as sirens and news bulletins, are discouraged

Section C: Live Commercials and Air Personality Endorsements

  • Live commercials are encouraged (special rates apply)
  • Endorsements accepted at the discretion of the air personality
  • Air personality may modify script to fit his/her delivery

Section D: Special Programs/Features

  • Special programs/features must follow station programming guidelines
  • Station has the right to reject content deemed offensive or in poor taste
  • Revenue-producing programs/features require at least an annual commitment

*For multiple commercials in an hour, multiple messages are required.