It’s been said, “When you hear it, it’s news. When you read it, it’s history.”

KGEZ 20-20 News follows the day’s events as they happen. The KGEZ Good Morning Show is live and local, with continuously-updated news and information.

KGEZ is known in political circles and in our community to be totally non-partisan. We’re an observer, not a commentator.

The KGEZ Good Morning Show features at least five local interviews each weekday morning. Our regular guests include Montana’s entire Congressional delegation, local county and city officials, and people in our community who make things happen.

KGEZ 20-20 News airs on the “20s”—at :00, :20, and :40 past each hour all morning—so you’re never more than 15 minutes from an updated newscast, filled with the latest information that will keep you up to date.

KGEZ 20-20 News…what radio news was meant to be.