A Productive, Informative, and Upbeat Conversation

Thanks so much for the airtime with KGEZ’s morning show hosts, John and Robin. They’re true professionals who get the best from their guests by making them feel welcome, comfortable, and important. The result is always a productive, informative, and upbeat conversation for their listeners.”


Phil Quigley

I’m Thankful You’re Out There

I want you to know that I appreciate your humor, your humility, your efforts to be fair. Well, okay… you could use some work on the humor.

Seriously, I am thankful you are out there each day. One of the best compliments I received from people was when they noted that I didn’t have an “agenda.” I would like to forward that compliment on to you. There are enough broadcasts out there by those with axes to grind. Keep hope alive!

John Bilash

An Important Mission

I want to thank you for your political interviews with candidates and officeholders. They are so informative, and your questioning helps reveal important slants. They have brought some clarity to the political situation for me. Thank you for what you do. It is an important mission and ministry for the public good.

Pastor GW Bill Warren

Wonderful Station

Wonderful station! Awesome music, information, and personalities!

Danielle Vulpis

So Lucky

We live in Brady Texas and we are so lucky to be able to listen to our grandson Randy Stultz’s sports events. Thanks to all the Big Fork sponsors.

Jim Stultz

So Many Ways I’d Like to Complement You

After listening to one too many biased and uninformed interviews on other stations, I found you.  There are so many ways I’d like to compliment you, I don’t know where to begin.  During the early morning, you offer the most complete coverage of road, weather, fire, and other local news.  Your guests are from all sides and you treat each with respect.

Bonnie Bromley Streeter